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it's been a long time!!

Hello everybody out there, I have finally found time to write a blog, its been such a busy year.

Firstly it is 5 years this year, since we began to raise funds for a statue for Brian Epstein and boy has it been a journey!!!!

We got news in late 2021 that we finally had the funds and so its full steam ahead and up to the planning stage now as when and where it will be and then Mr Brian Epstein will get his statue very soon.

Well as one project is being finalised, another project is in the planning, but more news about that soon....

If you visit my site you will know that I have written several books for children in a rhyming/poetry style and I am very pleased to announce that my latest book "The sparkly crown" is doing really well, both online, in bookstores and through general sale from myself.

The sparkly crown tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II, from her birth in London town to her for the longest time wearing the sparkly crown.

I have visited several schools in Merseyside and more recently I have been in Wales with the story and the combined history box and the children have interacted and loved the story.

For years one and two upwards I have made them part of the Queens ancestry starting with the Tudors, the children can interact and play the Queens ancestors right up to Queen, Elizabeth herself.

How have I done this?

The children are given a number up to No 25, as each number is called out the child has the chance to be that character with a prop such as a curly wig for Charles I or a Tudor ruff for Elizabeth I,

By starting with Owen and Edmund Tudor, Grandfather and father of Henry VII, the first prop is a welsh flag which gets passed on from ancestor to ancestor, collecting the Scottish flag and German flags along the way, showing the rich tapestry of the Queen's blood line.

I then read my story, "The sparkly crown" bringing the Queen's story up to date.

I believe that by having visual aids, it helps the children learn through interaction.

For early years children, I read the story and have props such as dressing up, keys for the castle, the Queen's corgis and many more.

The reaction from children and the schools has blown me away, with wonderful comments and praise.

My Beatles stories and boxes have continued to be succesful with regualr visits to both schools and community groups, reading the stories and having a good old sing song with the use of my record player from my 9th birthday!!!!!!!!

To see a whole class including teachers singing along to Yellow submarine or Hey Jude is just amazing.. and you feel you have done something right.

And on that note, I will just mention that I had the pleasure of meeting Sean Lennon, on his recent visit to Liverpool, a lovely guy and a credit to both John and Yoko.

Also on the 17th of March, I hosted a small irish party in Kittys laundrette in Liverpool, complete with talk, my story about Kitty and a good old irish singalong.

PHEW....Its been a good busy few months, and if you like me to visit your nursery, school,or community group please get in touch if you wish me to read a story or talk about the following.

The Beatles...Stories in rhyme for the younger generation.

History talk, telling the story from their births in Liverpool to the break up of the band.

Queen Elizabeth II...Story for the younger generation in rhyme and

history talk... learn about the ancestors you did n,t know much about!!!!

Kitty Wilkinson, the saint of the slums.. Listen to her story and how it is still so relevant today through one of my history talks and then learn how to use a mangle....

Noel Chavasse... history talk.. the only soldier in World war one to get a double VC, learn about his bravery and courage and how his family shaped the person he was.

My latest history box and talks are about the Earls of Derby and how this noble family shaped our history..

in November I tried out the story of the Earls of Derby/Stanley family on a local school, again using interactive props, the children were fascinated and the school has invited me back this year.

Rex Harrison/my fair lady/Edwardian society ...a fun time looking at the Edwardians, singalong from my fair lady and how Rex Harrison had a very elite backgound and naval past, which again impacted on our shores...

As bugs bunny would say "Thats all folks" but i will be posting photopgrahs of the above later.

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